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    Kevin Rosetta


    Back in March of this year, I happened upon a thread regarding a new financial market that was about to light it up. With my typical skepticism and after rolling of my eyes, I thought I would give it a look. The OP seemed awfully sure of himself and was imploring folks to do their own research into the cryptocurrency markets. I am not a big fan of bravado or listening to “the next big thing” from an anonymous message board participant. In my experience, most of these types of people have something to sell me NOW. Boy, was I wrong.
    I could go on and on about the crypto currency markets; the learning curve, the frustration in working with a newborn market with all of its inefficiencies, staking, exchanges, Bitcoin, Ethereum, alt coins, whitepapers, etc. But, I’m not going to do that. No. What I want to do is simplify the discussion for those that may read this and maybe new to this market or just doing your own due diligence into it.
    A really good place to start would be in listening to the man that lead most of us into this space; Rich. He has been involved in this fledgling market for almost a decade. Rich's direction , ideas, and calls have resulted in greater than 100% return on my investment to date. Rich is not a market technician. He will not be giving you lessons into the proper use of Fibonnaci. Mike is a big picture guy with a decade of understanding and insight into this space. Rich's calls’ on particular coins and particularly ICO’s (initial coin offerings) is uncanny. On many occasions, I have realized greater than 1000% gains on his recommendations.
    The point to my taking a few moments to thank Rich is twofold; firstly, to simply thank Rich for getting me to the table. Secondly, it is to hopefully guide “newbies” on the journey. The importance of what to buy is critical to investing success. Warren Buffet would add that knowing when to buy is of equal or greater importance. The value that Rich brings to all of the members is really an uncanny ability to uncover new coins, research them, and then get us into them before the masses. If you are a “newbie”, following Rich's calls will get you to the green side of the ledger quicker than your best efforts. You will find some great chart technicians, some great thinkers, and some great strategy emanating from the ob crypto Slack team. But, I guarantee you that when Rich posts a call within the Members Group we all immediately scramble to get involved. I would convey that this approach will get you to green.
    Kevin Rosetta
    Alias OSO



    Rich is the reason I started investing in cryptocurrency.  I joined the group to get a direct line to him and read his insights.  He has made many great calls on coins and many people in this group have profited.  I don’t know what it is about him, but he has the ability to see through a lot of bull and pick real winners”




    Once I began paying attention to the information and taking action, I made enormous profits.  Within 60 days the amount of my crypto currency account was greater than my teachers retirement account.  Knowing I have two income streams for retirement has allowed me to sleep much easier at night.   Thank you  Rich.